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We're Friendly...
...to Kids and Pets, too!

     At Hilltop Acres, we love kids!  Families have been enjoying our inn for years, enjoying the relaxed, laid-back accommodations we provide.  Not only are there many attractions around for families, but Hilltop Acres is a great place to spend a day.  Kids can play in the meadow behind the inn or play games in the recreation room.  Spend an hour or two exploring the Baker River; walk over the old bridge to the village center and play on the town common.  Just down the river there's a town recreation area with a playground and ballfields, or just spend time exploring the river rocks. 

     Are you an animal lover?  So are we!  Pets are welcome for families staying in a cottage (Yup, it's got easy-to-clean hardwood floors).  We've hosted many pet dogs, a couple of cats, and even a horse!  If you have questions or special requirements, give us a call. 



Hilltop Acres Bed and Breakfast  -  P.O. Box 32, 6 Buffalo Rd.  -  Wentworth, NH 03282  -  603-764-5896